Solar Power Project Development

Project Navigator, Ltd. has expertise, gained since 2007, in the assessment, and development planning for solar power projects. We are able to manage a solar project from conception to completion. See our solar development solutions at

PNL's recent work for both fee paying clients and joint venture partners has been in the areas of project siting studies, environmental permitting, project conceptual design and overall project feasibility study economics.

We have especially focused on evaluating the potential of siting solar projects on inner city urban land close to transmission capacity and load.

We are expert on the planning and development of solar projects on capped landfills, where our solar experts work in partnership with PNL's landfill remediation engineers.

Recent clients and project examples include:

  1. Chevron Environmental Management Company
    • PNL developed a vivid conceptual design for a planned solar panel array at Chevron's former chemical plant in Richmond, California. The facility is planned to generate about 8MW and cover approximately 70 acres.
    • PNL screened and ranked more than 500 surplus Chevron properties for their ability to host a solar power facility. Extensive use was made of GIS techniques.
  2. Mohave Sun Power, LLC
    • PNL performed numerous facilities siting analysis and delivered a 4,000 acre land parcel to the client to be used for the Hualapai Valley Solar plant in Mohave County, Arizona. The 340-megawatt solar plant would create 1,500 construction jobs and more than 100 permanent jobs. The project would bring in about $4 million in property taxes, $30 million in construction income and more than $5.5 million in personal income to the county. The plant could be in operation by late 2013 and last for about 30 years.
    • PNL represented Mohave Sun Power in land purchase negotiations and due diligence with the seller.
    • PNL assisted Mohave Sun Power in permitting meetings with local, state, and federal regulators.
  3. Lumberton Landfill, NJ
    • PNL prepared a conceptual design for a solar panel array which was positioned on the capped landfill. Click thumbnails below to view.

  4. Brightfield Development, CA
    • PNL is working with a group of private partners to assess the opportunities of placing solar on environmentally impacted and blighted lands in the Los Angeles basin.
  5. Confidential Client Group, CA
    • PNL is working with a varied group of stakeholders at a former waste site in Los Angeles to promote a conceptual design for a solar installation.
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