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Project Navigator, Ltd., via its in-house creative team, provides powerful digital graphical techniques that can be used to enhance decision making and communication on complex projects. We strive to help our clients successfully manage projects by utilizing infographics, scale models and 3D work product.

Comprised of seasoned environmental professionals, including engineers, geologists and graphic/web designers, we apply a cross-disciplinary approach. Our creative team is staffed and equipped to help you visualize your project, bring it to life and promote your interests. We are committed to accurately translating technically complex project data and information into clear, explanatory, visual renderings.

Complex technical projects generate large amounts of data and information that need to be explained to stakeholders. The project sponsor's job is to communicate the data in a succinct and clear manner to allow decisions to be made to advance the project. Clear visuals facilitate this process. In addition, visualization of either historical (in litigation) or future (in construction) events can be used to analyze and convey technical issues.

Whether you are a project manager, engineer, developer, or lawyer, it is essential that you effectively communicate information and data to advance your project. We offer the following graphics services:

  • Brand identity
  • Web design
  • Conference, event and meeting posters
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Technical illustrations
  • Business collateral
  • Promotional material
  • Image renderings
  • 3D modeling
  • Infographics
  • Video compositing

Please also see for more of our graphics capabilities.

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