Seismic Hazard Assessments


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Project Navigator works on landfill and waste impoundment closure projects, many of which are located in seismically active zones, such as Southern California. In these zones, remedial design must account for seismic hazards such as ground shaking. An example of this type of project is the cap for the OII Landfill. The OII project was led by a Project Navigator staff member.

Project Navigator offers the following services to assist clients in evaluating and scoping seismically driven closure problems:

  • Preliminary evaluations of site seismic hazard potentials:
    • Liquefaction
    • Earthquake-induced landsliding
    • Ground shaking
  • Site and situational analysis for PRP clients who need a rapid assessment of seismic hazard impacts to remedial costs.
  • California Registered Geologists, on staff, experienced with:
    •  Fault identification and screening
    •  Seismic hazard zoning maps
    •  Ground motion estimation
  • Project Navigator has an extensive network of firms and individuals available for advanced seismic hazard evaluations and engineering
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