Redevelopment and Brownfields

PNL has a high level of experience in brownfield site planning, right-sized remediation and land use planning. In this work we rely on our core skill sets of project management, remediation engineering, land planning, GIS, and cost forecasting. As a result of our work on impacted properties we understand the risks and opportunities associated with redevelopment of land and are experienced at developing a range of re-use solutions that integrate the remedy with the proposed development. PNL has successfully been able to match remedy selections to best accommodate future redevelopment plans on many of our projects. One tool that we regularly use is technically accurate visual graphics, as these illustrate the redevelopment path or concepts to the public and regulatory agencies. These project visualizations can clearly depict the site remediation process and facilitate stakeholder alignment on all levels.

Project Navigator provides the following redevelopment and brownfields services:

  • Facilitating transactions between land owners and developers
  • Opportunity identification
  • Land infrastructure and planning
  • Highest & best use economic analyses
  • Feasibility studies
  • Conveyance planning
  • Deal structuring
  • Cost estimates for remediation to development
  • Advocacy and negotiations
  • Institutional controls monitoring & enforcement tools
  • Project visualization & redevelopment graphics (
  • Environmental
    • Site assessments
    • Risk planning
    • EIRs

Recent Example Projects

Greater Downtown San Bernardino Revitalization Area GBID

Greater Downtown San Bernardino Revitalization Area GBID: PNL, in partnership with Bryan A. Stirrat & Associates (BAS), is currently preparing an Arc/GIS Server-compatible Brownfields Inventory Database (GBID) for the 7,608-acre Greater Downtown San Bernardino Revitalization Area.

City of Lynwood

City of Lynwood: PNL, in partnership with Bryan A. Stirrat & Associates (BAS), was recently selected by the City of Lynwood, CA to provide services for the research and development of a GIS compatible Brownfields Inventory Database.

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