Superfund Site Project Management

Providing solutions to Superfund site issues is a core competence of Project Navigator. Our key personnel have more than 50 years experience working on demanding projects, such as the Operating Industries Inc. and McColl Sites.

We have held lead management positions at more than ten major Superfund sites, where we have saved our clients millions of dollars.

We serve our clients at every phase of a site’s CERCLA progress from planning & assessment through design to construction. Our company has had particular success at “right-sizing” remedies while assuring their protectiveness in a cost-effective fashion.

We are trusted negotiators and managers for PRP groups, and have successfully guided ROD amendments and ESDs, saving millions of dollars.

More information on our current projects can be found at, which we employ as a management hub for our clients.

Project Navigator provides the following Superfund services, all aimed at successful execution at the lowest possible cost:

  • Strategic, client oriented management
  • Global project strategy development
  • Document and data management
  • Federal, State and Local agency negotiations
  • Relationships and community interaction
  • ROD negotiations including ESDs and Amendments
  • Remedy alternatives analyses
  • Project cost and schedule analysis
  • Risk-benefit analysis
  • Uncertainty analysis
  • Value engineering construction
  • Innovative remedies
  • Scalable solutions
  • Bidding
  • Work plan formulation
  • Design oversight
  • Construction management
  • Brownfields experience
  • Liability intelligence gathering
  • PRP search assistance
  • GIS and project visualization graphics
  • Litigation support
  • Cost recovery support
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