Regulatory Negotiations Support

Our team has extensive experience in helping our clients negotiate complex agreements with States and U.S. EPA. Our staff has a high level of experience in working with EPA various regional EPA offices and local officials.

Negotiations support tasks we have performed include:

  • Managing initial negotiations with regulatory bodies on the RPs' receipt of demand letters
  • SOW interface with regulatory PMs
  • Managing and coordinating information flow to our clients during real time negotiations
  • Technical negotiation strategy development
  • Maintaining a Regulatory Reporting system for key project status to regulatory stakeholders

Case Studies

  • PNL helped a major site RP group with onsite RD support as well as EPA negotiations support.
  • PNL formulated a creative deal structure where, in return for EPA forgiving past costs, the PRP group would consider building site improvements beyond the remedy scope. The proposed improvements were of a recreational nature, such as soccer fields. PNL formulated this plan, performed a cost/benefit analysis, and then led negotiations on behalf of the PRPs with EPA, DOJ, local official, and community leaders.
  • At another site in a coastal community, PNL evaluated how wetlands features could be built into a sludges containment remedial solution.
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