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Multi-Party Management, Coordination and Logistics

PNL has vast experience in assisting PRP groups reach their goals. We have facilitated coordination and communication at more than 20 multiparty projects during the past 5 years. The majority of these projects have involved scores of PRPs and had large budgets.

Services we provide include:

  • Meetings organization and facilitation
  • Group fund tracking and disbursements management
  • Information communication
  • Resource management
  • Minutes and action item management

Case Studies

  • Tex Tin Superfund Site, Texas City, Texas - We have driven a fast-track, streamlined Design/Build approach where cost and schedule were significantly below targets.
  • Ascon Landfill Site, Huntington Beach, CA - We are managing the work effort of 7 PRPs who are planning for a $100MM remediation of a former oil field waste disposal site.
  • MAR Services, Cankton, LA - Project Navigator managed a risk-based, selective remediation for metals, oils & grease, and a site-wide 3ft. remediation depth for salts. This approach saved $10MM and shaved 24 months from the original schedule.
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