Construction Oversight

Project Navigator's experienced personnel are continuously providing design and construction oversight services for major environmental projects. This function is one of the company's core competencies. Through PNL identifying cost saving opportunities and reducing the owner's degree of execution risk, our measure of service is for the client to recover project fees repeatedly.

The employees at PNL have accumulated thousands of hours acting as the owner's representative on long complex, costly projects. We possess both the experience and resources to solve difficult problems and to successfully manage projects.

Project Navigator's key functions include:

  • Managing of all facets of the work under the contract, whether it is T&M, lump sum or incentivized
  • Value engineering
  • Reviewing and providing "owner input" to key project deliverables, such as work plans, designs and completion reports
  • Acting as a project leader to "raise the bar" on project performance, whether it be on ingenuity, cost and schedule controls, or health and safety awareness
  • Maintaining an onsite owner's presence, attitude and vision
  • Providing feedback to the design team
  • Acting as a liaison with the contractor's assigned point personnel
  • Assuring that during construction, the design is actually built
  • Contractually accepting completed work on behalf of the owner
  • Representing the owner in labor issues with local unions

Case Studies

Operating Industries Inc. Superfund Site in Monterey Park, California
PNL acted as the President of a PRP established company called New Cure Inc., which was established to manage the PRP's interests during this massive landfill remediation project. In the role of New Cure President, Project Navigator retained resources, managed work under the terms of the EPC contract, and controlled costs and schedule. Another key function was the formulation of a remediation strategy, approved by the PRP's, against which all work was benchmarked.

casing liner nslope safety

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Tex Tin Superfund Site in Texas City, Texas
PNL acts as the PRP group's Project Coordinator and directs the group's onsite construction activities through an onsite construction manager. Since 2000, construction activities at Tex Tin have been described by EPA Reg. 6 as a model of "how to do the job right". Work has involved bidding and contract negotiations to select the EPC resource, and performing work on multiple fronts under a design-build scheme, which has accelerated progress.

demo drums excavation

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MAR Oil and Chemical Services Site in Cankton, Louisiana
PNL is managing the design and construction remedy at this oil field waste disposal facility. Our work includes remedy selection, regulatory negotiations, community relations, and management of the construction activities. The remedy involves attaining metal and salt remediation standards established by the State of Louisiana, and eventually managing surface water flow.

marmark margroup martank  

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Waste Disposal Inc. Superfund Site in Santa Fe Springs, California
PNL is functioning as the PRPs' Project Coordinator. Recently we have assisted in the negotiations of a Consent Decree with US EPA, which will cover the construction of a cap remedy. This work should facilitate further redevelopment of the property.

baker dump trench  
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