Allocation Agreement Facilitation

On complex multi-party sites allocation can potentially become a major project issue as it takes into account such information as facility history, chemicals produced, and remedy risk drivers.

The Project Navigator team has accumulated tens of man-years of experience in structuring allocation schemes. We have derived this experience as both clients and allocation consultants.

We have worked on large complex allocation projects where the amount of raw information has been staggering. We have formulated information codification procedures that permit our clients to derive early non-binding allocation scenarios.

Case Studies

  • PNL has assisted numerous PRPs derive an interim allocation at a major West Coast site. The allocation is being used to fund early site remediation planning efforts. The work leading to this allocation took approximately 2 months.
  • In the Gulf Coast, we have built a large waste-in database for a major project involving 100’s of PRPs. The database will now be used as a platform to run different types of allocation scenarios.

“The allocation challenge lies in taking what are complex, often subjective, sometimes even emotional reactions and creating the mathematical formulas that transform these subjective issues into objective numbers”.

From Allocation of Superfund Site Costs through Mediation, by Clean Sites, 1987.

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