Knowledge Management

Project Navigator highly values knowledge and with its organized use, difficult problems can be solved more efficiently. We consider knowledge to include not only data, but also the experience and intuition of our staff, and our clients.

At Project Navigator, Knowledge Management (KM) is a formalized, systematic process where we utilize data and internal/external experience, to solve challenging problems. One inherent aspect of our KM process is the use of GIS techniques and databases.

PNL's Knowledge Management Process

  1. Search for similar problems and solutions that have been successful elsewhere.
    • For example, the knowledge and database PNL has collected while leading Gulf Coast oil field remediation projects is now being applied at sites in the West.
  2. Excellent internal communication among our project professionals on experience sharing.
  3. Use of knowledge repositories. The company runs four systems, which include:
    1. A highly organized internal server based system, permitting historical project knowledge to be readily retrieved.
    2. An internal gallery consisting of GIS portrayals and data.
    3. An online information management system via
    4. An alliance contact list of independent professionals.
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