Data and Information Management   

PNL Data and Information Management Capabilities

PNL Leverages Data for Visually Enabled, Informed Decision Making at Complex Remediation Projects

Environmental projects generate large quantities of information, which should be managed and accessible in a user-friendly format. This is particularly applicable at complex multiparty sites, which can have a long and intricate technical and administrative history. Clients can save both time and capital by establishing a project specific document management system to "mine" existing project knowledge before decisions are made to collect additional information. Numerous project solutions can be derived by simply making best use of existing knowledge, data and information.

Project Navigator assists clients in developing a project-specific management system, specifically with data and information assembly, system utilization, hosting and maintenance. Project "knowledge centers" are routinely available on our online project management system at

For example, we are assisting diversely located PRPs at an oil field clean up project, with online document hosting, retrieval and data mining, from previous site studies. Our mission for our clients is to make site information easily accessible on a 24/7 basis, and to derive project solutions through the focused and appropriate collection of new information.

Our information management services encompass:

  • Imaging of paper documents
    • Subjective coding
    • Objective coding
    • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Data management, mining and analysis
    • GIS data analysis and portrayal
    • Presumptive project solutions and costs derived from rapid data screening techniques
  • Product delivery methods
  • Drone flights and aerial data collection

    Project Navigator, Ltd. owns and operates our own drone under the supervision of an FAA-licensed operator. We use the drone to document field work and provide clients with an improved understanding of project activities, especially when field access can be restricted due to COVID-19. We are also able to process digital information collected by the drone into, for example, terrain models.

    PNL Drone Services

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