• Site At-a-Glance

Waste Disposal, Inc. Superfund Site

PNL's Role

Worked to eliminate excavation remedy. Remedy is capping and bioventing. Effective communication with all stakeholders. Innovative graphical representation of solution to create common vision of the containment remedy. Expedited remedy by 18 months via Design/Build process.

Health and Safety Metrics

  • Total Contractor and Subcontractor Work Hours: 47,682
  • OSHA Recordables: 0
  • Lost Time/Lost Work Day Incidents: 0
  • Emergency Action Near Miss Reports: 0

Technical Milestones

  • FY 2007-2008 OM&M Activities Completed
  • Demonstrated to the satisfaction of EPA/DTSC that the gas being recovered by the LFG Control System is below regulatory thresholds. System converted to passive operation from active operation. Sampling reduced from monthly to 2 times per year
  • Demonstrated to the satisfaction of EPA/DTSC that the soil gas Vapor Monitoring wells do not need to be sampled quarterly. Sampling reduced from quarterly to semi-annually
  • Issued the Semi-annual OM&M Report
  • Constructed/Operating the LC wells pumping system
  • Have recommended further changes to the OM&M activities including reductions to monitoring of the in-business air, soil vapor, and groundwater and reducing the number of constituents being tested for. These recommendations are supported by evaluations of the empirical data collected to date that shows no exposure to the public and environment from Site Chemicals of Concern

Stakeholder Relations

  • Meetings and working with various developers to help answer any technical and coordination questions and represent the WDIG to protect the in-place remedy
  • Successfully completed the 2nd year of OM&M without issue. Able to reduce the OM&M inperpetuity costs by $3.8 million
  • Presentations and consistent contact with local businesses in close proximity to the site prior to and during the OM&M period
  • Frequent meetings with the local high school located adjacent to the site
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