• Site At-a-Glance

Tex Tin Superfund Site

PNL's Role

Developed a fast-track, streamlined Design/Build approach. Approach saved $10MM. Project schedule was reduced by 5 months. Worked to build excellent relationship with City and EPA. Tailored area-by-area remedy, where solution matched long-term development goals.

Download PDF: EPA Region 6 Success Story - Tex Tin Superfund Site

Download PDF: Collaboration and Innovation Lead to Expedited Cleanup and Industrial Redevelopment

Health and Safety Metrics

  • Over 100,000 man-hours worked without a lost time injury.
  • Challenges included control of dust containing heavy metals including lead, arsenic and radioactive materials.

Technical Milestones

  • Remedy included demolition of dilapidated buildings, smelter slag and impacted soil treatment and onsite disposal, soil stabilization, acidic water treatment, pond closure, cap and cover of impacted soils, radioactive material control, and installation of evapo-transpiration system.
  • Contracting the work as a design-build project expedited the work and reduced what would otherwise have been expended for separate design and construction.
  • Innovative use of slurry walls and surface hydraulic controls was devised to reduce future groundwater impact.
  • Metallic waste materials were processed and contained on site and materials recycled to the extent possible to offset costs.
  • The project was completed in 2003 and the site was issued one of the first Ready for Reuse determinations by EPA in December of 2003. Sale of the site for beneficial reuse was concluded in late 2005.
  • PNL continues to manage the project, coordinating O&M activities, EPA relationships, financial aspects, etc. The initial Five Year Review indicated the remedy was performing as designed and all stakeholders are very satisfied.
  • PNL has provided oversight for site work including pipeline installations completed by others. Our oversight includes coordination with the PRP Group, EPA, the Site Owners and the companies contracting and performing the work. This ensures compliance with site standards and maintains integrity of the remedy.

Stakeholder Relations

  • The PRPs engaged a professional public relations firm and along with PNL coordinated meetings and presentations at key project milestones for stakeholders in the project.
  • Use of local labor, materials and equipment as well as support from local government and business was a key element of the project.
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