• Site At-a-Glance

PAB Oil and Chemical Service, Inc.

PNL's Role

The PAB Oil site in Abbeville, LA consists of a 17-acre federal superfund site consisting of capped waste areas and a clean closed salt water pond. Project Navigator currently manages the operations & management of the site as it approaches its fourth 5-year review scheduled for 2017. Operations & management activities include monitoring groundwater conditions, site maintenance, yearly inspections, reporting, procurement, and oversight.

Health and Safety Metrics

  • Total Contractor and Subcontractor Work Hours: 240
  • OSHA Recordables. 0
  • Lost Time/Lost Work Day Incidents: 0
  • Emergency Action Near Miss Reports: 0

Technical Milestones

  • The former oil field waste site is through its third 5-year review.
  • The site is in O&M.
  • The site groundwater will be sampled two times prior to the next 5-year review.
  • The cap is mowed twice per year and the site perimeter cleared and maintained.

Stakeholder Relations

  • The PAB LLC meets as needed to address technical and legal issues. The last group meeting was in November 2012.
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