• Site At-a-Glance

Operating Industries, Inc. (OII) Landfill Site

PNL's Role

The North Parcel (NP) design(s) (for both environmental-only & integrated remedies) were completed in 2007. PNL made a significant contribution to both designs, especially adding value by bringing the designs to life with our 3D visual tools.

PNL continues to work with New Cure, Inc. (NCI) to manage operations and development at OII. Preparations are being made to build a retail development, "The Cascades," on the northern parcel of the site. Operations and maintenance at the site have recently included repair of erosion damage from last winter's record rainfall and repair of roadways and slopes damaged by refuse settling. Ian Webster, PNL President, is presently retained as Interim President for NCI to help manage the many initiatives brought about by the development and the complicated relations with EPA and the site's many Responsible Parties.

Health and Safety Metrics

  • Total Contractor and Subcontractor Work Hours: 138,000
  • OSHA Recordables: 0
  • Lost Time/Lost Work Day Incidents: 0
  • Emergency Action Near Miss Reports: 0

Technical Milestones

  • North Parcel cap and containment designs reports were approved by US EPA and Caltrans in 2008.
  • The SP remains in gas compliance, both at the cap surface and at the perimeter probes.
  • A Perimeter Liquids Control (PLC) system was constructed on the North Central areas of the site in 2008.
  • PNL has presented findings regarding the investigation and characterization of Enhanced Oxidation Zones (locales of high (>150F), and continues to devise mitigation schemes.
  • PNL installed a site wide WiFi system for the collection and management of data collected from digital probes (e.g. temperature and moisture).
  • PNL performed upgrades to the installed site wide WiFi system for the collection and management of data collected from digital probes (e.g. temperature).

Stakeholder Relations

  • Frequent meetings with the City of Monterey Park, the NP developer, and EPA on the plans and schedule to build out the NP integrated remedy and associated retail development.
  • Frequent meetings with Caltrans on the NP remedy and the removal of wastes from the 60 Freeway right of way.
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