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MAR Services Oilfield Site


From 2009 to 2011 work was idled on the MAR site following expiration of leases with the property owners. After protracted negotiations with numerous heirs to the original leasehold estate, on 2011 the MAR Services property was purchased by MARGONE, LLC. The purchase consolidated the land ownership and cleared the way for ongoing operations and maintenance monitoring required for closure of the property under Louisiana Statewide Order 29b. Soil and groundwater sampling as well as general operations and maintenance work is scheduled for 2012.

View the 2009 update on this project.

PNL's Role

Risk-based remedy. Worked diligently with DNR to limit remediation to 3-feet depth for salts and most metals. $10MM+ in cost savings. Shaved 24 months from original schedule.

Health and Safety Metrics

  • OSHA Recordables: 0
  • Lost Time/Lost Work Day Incidents: 0

Technical Milestones

  • An extensive borehole sampling program conducted in 1998 characterized the site.
  • Approximately 240 boreholes were drilled and sampling was performed to characterize the site under the provisions of Louisiana Statewide Order 29b.
  • In 2000 approximately 25,000 bbl of sludge was removed from the site and the 5 ASTs were scrapped.
  • Soil remediation for non-soluble components was achieved by vertical mixing with soil using excavators and other heavy equipment.
  • Sodium contamination was addressed using chemical amendments combined with soil mixing.
  • Periodic maintenance includes disking and ripping of soil to maintain percolation which enhances sodium remediation.
  • Groundwater monitoring includes water level measurement and testing of shallow and drinking water aquifer testing from 14 wells on the site.
  • Periodic soil sampling is performed to monitor salt remediation progress.
  • 2007 sampling of all cells was performed to monitor the treatment level and assess further work.

Stakeholder Relations

  • Community leaders, elected officials and the State of Louisiana cooperated with the MAR group to work out a scope and timetable for the work. The public relations campaign implemented to map out the process and progress was instrumental in the success of the project. Periodic updates are provided to the community through the nearby community of Cankton, LA, which serves to maintain good relations as the project continues through the O&M period.
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