• Site At-a-Glance

Former National Zinc Smelter Site

PNL's Role

Formerly one of the largest zinc smelters in the US which operated from 1896 to 1936, PNL performed work as the on-site construction oversight contractor and client representative for the remediation of the smelter site which was operated under the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) Voluntary Cleanup Program. Work involved excavation and consolidation of approximately 100,000 cubic yards of metal impacted slag in an onsite disposal area and backfill of the excavation with clean fill obtained from nearby borrow sources. PNL reviewed work in the field performing oversight and tracking excavation progress metrics during the remedial action. A major benefit to the clients was realized by PNL when it was observed that portions of the site had an existing cap eliminating the need to excavate and consolidate this material. After completion of the work in 2007, PNL continues to provide support for ongoing operations and maintenance as well as perform additional investigation work involving smelter related impacts peripheral to the site.

After the smelter site remediation was completed, lead-impacted smelter residues were discovered in multiple locations within the City of Cherryvale where over the years, material was used for construction fill and road base. At the direction of the clients and under oversight of KDHE, PNL mobilized to investigate the nature and extent of smelter residues within the City. Working the clients, KDHE and other contractors preparing plans and risk assessments, PNL organized and trained local teams and devised the program to obtain access to 100's of properties, mapped, categorized, sampled and performed thousands of analyses in the field using portable XRF technology. This work resulted in early removal actions on 13 properties where surface residues exceeded applicable screening limits. Data generated by PNL during the various survey and sampling events was summarized in several investigation reports leading to the development of a City-wide removal action plan which will be implemented in 2019. Because of our long history with the Site, PNL was selected as the Client Representative for the City-wide removal action, and will be working collaboratively with the clients, KDHE, consultants, remedial contractors, and the City of Cherryvale to implement the work.

Technical Milestones

  • On-site oversight present throughout remediation
  • Identified previously capped area saving removal of additional 8 acres
  • Confirmation of material quantities an QA/QC
  • On-going O&M support for site O&M with constuction contractor since 2007
  • Trained and employed up to 9 local staff
  • Access and survey over 700 properties for nature and extent of smelter impacts
  • Devised and implemented early remediation on 14 properties
  • Collected and processed more than 6,000 samples in on-site field laboratory

Stakeholder Relations

  • Stakeholder interaction maintained by clients
  • Participation by PNL in meeting presentation and interaction with KDHE.
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