• Site At-a-Glance

Ascon Landfill Site

PNL's Role

Focusing on management of waste streams, not areas. Assisting the PRPs to identify and fill data gaps for EIR and Design Remedy negotiations.

Technical Milestones

  • Groundwater being monitored through an interim program to be conducted through Remedial Action.
  • Draft Remedial Action Plan submitted to DTSC in September 2007 is still under review.
  • Environmental Impact Report process began late 2008.
  • Submitted Draft Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration for Interim Removal Measure to DTSC in November 2008 to remove tars from onsite lagoons.
  • Interim Removal Measure Mitigated Negative Declaration was approved by DTSC in 2010, and fieldwork commenced in July 2010.
  • Interim Removal Measure completed in March 2011.

Stakeholder Relations

Community outreach for Ascon:

  • Frequent communication and coordination with Huntington Beach Fire Department and other City departments.
  • Public meetings and Open Houses held, briefing community on Emergency Action, Feasibility Study, and overall project status.
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