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Asarco Smelter Site

PNL's Role

In late 2009 TCEQ selected Project Navigator's Roberto Puga as the Site Trustee. Currently PNL is responsible for all phases of the project including: Community and Regulatory Outreach, Data Consolidation and Data Assessment, Site Demolition, Remediation and Site Disposition. Our responsibilities also include the management of all associated workplans and selected contractors.

Technical Milestones

  • Sitewide Demolition: Facility demolition is on schedule and expected to be complete in the First Quarter of 2012. To date, asbestos has been abated from buildings included in the demolition scope of work and asbestos containing wastes are being transported from the site for off-site disposal. Most site structures have been demolished, and materials from the demolished structures continue to be managed on site and staged per the Demolition Project Manual.

    The two main structures that will remain on site are the Powerhouse and the Administration Building, which are considered to be historic structures. Additionally, planning for demolition of the two largest concrete stacks has been suspended as the Trustee has granted a one-year stack demolition delay. Please click here to view the Press Release Statement Regarding the Stack Demolition Delay.

  • Asset Sales: The Trust has continued to intensively market all Site assets throughout the demolition. Recently there have been sales for the oxygen plant, copper matte and scrap lead for nearly $11MM. Any monies generated by the sale of scrap materials goes directly to fund cleanup and remedial action.
  • Remedial Action Work Plan: The Final Remedial Action Plan was submitted to TCEQ on December 14, 2010 and was approved by the agency on April 21, 2011.
  • Stack Stability Analysis: Structural (including seismic) analysis was completed to evaluate the stability of the existing 826-foot high stack. The evaluation included analyzing the outer shell and inner liner.
  • Installation of a Live Site Webcam and a Live Arroyo Webcam: There are two live webcams available for the public to view Site activities. These webcams can be viewed on the homepage of www.recastingthesmelter.com.
  • Electricity Re-Route: Successfully re-routed and scaled back electricity use to significantly lower Site costs.

Stakeholder Relations

  • Regular Public Meetings held to brief the community on Site Progress and Demolition
  • The Site Trustee continues to meet regularly with community members, local city officials and state representatives
  • Frequent interface with the national and local media
  • Communication and coordination with the El Paso Fire Department and other City departments
  • A public website was launched in early 2009 to host project information, site activities and incorporates community and stakeholder input, www.recastingthesmelter.com
  • Approved Community Relations Plan (CRP) and approved Community Assurance Plan (CAP) are available on the project website
  • Creation of Site models to facilitate understanding of the phased demolition sequence

Additional information can be found on www.recastingthesmelter.com.

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