PNL's Problem Solving Culture

We're Good at Figuring Things Out

We pride ourselves in creative, efficient problem solving, with the final results presented in a visually clear and concise fashion. The conclusions are practical, and in a format which the client can immediately put to use.

The PNL team is to propose global project solutions very early in the process, even after minimal data analysis. (This is termed the hypothesis driven approach and stands in stark contrast to much of the consulting world where a deductive approach is practiced...i.e. more data means more of the solution should be evident).

Our problem solving culture is formalized and used in all internal project meetings.

How We Solve Problems

The elements of the approach are listed below, and produce a proven methodology for leading to cost-effective solutions for our clients.

  • Quickly manage the existing project knowledge and data, to extract optimal value for the task in hand. Resist collecting more data.
  • Prove to ourselves that we are working with the right data.
  • Propose an early "solution" to the problem, which becomes the hypothesis against which all succeeding efforts are benchmarked and tested. (Absolute precision is not required in this important early step).
  • Continually apply the 80/20 rule, or more succinctly, know when to stop analyzing and make risk weighted decisions.
  • Rely on our experience, intuition and solutions from other projects.
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