Business Portfolio

PNL has assembled a strong, diversified, but synergistic portfolio of service companies to assist our customers. The companies are striving to be leaders in every segment of the project management value chain.

  • Project Navigator, Ltd.

    PNL provides project management and project development services. The company focuses on complex environmental remediation projects.

  • Project Navigator – Atlantic

    Project Navigator-Atlantic (PNA) is the East Coast operating arm of PNL. All of PNL's service capabilities, offered to Fortune 500 firms, are available via PNA in the East Coast.

  • Projectoolbox

    Projectoolbox is the online project management services of PNL. It provides the capabilities to web-enable key project management functions such as information management, search capabilities and project updates.

  • PRPblog

    PRPblog is a website where information of any kind is displayed under a pixel grid which is laid over a plan, aerial photograph of a site location, or a project timeline.

  • Visual Navigator

    Visual Navigator (VN) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PNL. VN provides graphic design and visualization services to support project development and case litigation.

  • GreenStructure

    Via the GreenStructure program, PNL offers innovative green construction technologies, applied through resource reuse, recycling and energy capture, which can reduce a facility's operating costs.

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