Project Navigator offers a challenging and creative atmosphere and occasionally has permanent job openings. One of our goals is to retain experienced and motivated personnel and put them in an exciting, demanding, and creative environment. PNL seeks entrepreneurial professionals, who may possess degrees from a Bachelors to a Doctoral level.

Possible employment responsibilities may be as follows:

  • Working on the solution for the closure of hazardous waste sites in California
  • Interacting with oil company project managers on Superfund Site problems
  • Participating in technical negotiation sessions with US EPA
  • Assisting with the growth and operation of the Project Navigator websites
  • Managing remediation projects in California and the Gulf Coast
  • Designing graphics to assist in the translation of ideas into remediation concepts

Project Navigator typically retains professionals from the following disciplines:

  • Engineers (environmental, chemical, civil and mechanical)
  • Geologists
  • Project management specialists
  • Data and information management technicians (including GIS-skilled personnel)
  • Graphic designers (possessing web design expertise)

To apply for a position at Project Navigator, please submit your resume to:

Project Navigator is an equal opportunity employer. To view our discrimination and harassment policy, click here.