Project Navigator operates in a teamwork fashion with a range of alliance partners, each of which provides complementary skills. Our goal is to assist clients by forming the optimum team, with the appropriate skill sets, at the initiation of any task, and then collapsing the team when the task is successfully executed. This resource management method results in high quality and extremely cost effective product for the client.

  • CB Richard Ellis

    CBRE Corporate Services solves companies real estate challenges. CB Richard Ellis is based in Los Angeles, California. CBRE and Project Navigator are working together on developing environmentally impacted properties, some within EPA's Brownfields program. For more information about the CBRE and Project Navigator partnership, click here.

  • Earthfax

    EarthFax Engineering, Inc. is an engineering consulting firm that provides specialized services to help develop, protect, and meet the challenges of the earth's resources. Their engineers, hydrologists, and geologists have broad experience, allowing EarthFax to offer expert services in a wide range of earth-science disciplines, including environmental, geotechnical and civil engineering, hydrology, and environmental permitting. EarthFax is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. EarthFax and Project Navigator have combined their environmental engineering and planning skills to devise innovative solutions for the remediation of hazardous waste sites. This alliance provides the client with a first class team that specializes in creative, cost-effective problem solving.

  • Terradex

    Terradex, Inc. is an alliance partner of Project Navigator, Ltd. As strict land use limitations and/or institutional controls are often a required regulatory element, Terradex monitors institutional controls at contaminated properties. Terradex offers a monitoring and alerting solution that continuously checks a broad array of land use activities at and around these sites. If Terradex detects a potentially inappropriate land use, they alert the parties involved, such as developers, owners, occupants and regulators. This early warning allows the parties to step in before anyone encounters buried environmental pollution or violates land use restrictions.