Project Navigator operates in a teamwork fashion with a range of alliance partners, each of which provides complementary skills. Some of our alliances are joint ventures, such as Optimum Solutions, and others are true partnerships, such as our working relationship with UK-based Remedios.

Our goal is to assist clients by forming the correct virtual team, with the appropriate skill sets, at the initiation of any task, and then collapsing the team when the task is successfully executed. This resource management method results in high quality and extremely cost effective product for the client.

  • ALMAC Environmental Services

    ALMAC provides clients in energy, environmental and oil-and-gas industries with professional services based on 30 years of engineering, commercial and business experience in the energy industries. Services include: specialized NORM training, license and procedure writing, site surveys, site assessment, remediation and disposal operations, consulting, and expert witness services within the US (including Alaska), Canada, UK and EEC member countries.

  • CB Richard Ellis

    CBRE Corporate Services solves companies real estate challenges. CB Richard Ellis is based in Los Angeles, California. CBRE and Project Navigator are working together on developing environmentally impacted properties, some within EPA's Brownfields program. For more information about the CBRE and Project Navigator partnership, click here.

  • Earthfax

    EarthFax Engineering, Inc. is an engineering consulting firm that provides specialized services to help develop, protect, and meet the challenges of the earth's resources. Their engineers, hydrologists, and geologists have broad experience, allowing EarthFax to offer expert services in a wide range of earth-science disciplines, including environmental, geotechnical and civil engineering, hydrology, and environmental permitting. EarthFax is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. EarthFax and Project Navigator have combined their environmental engineering and planning skills to devise innovative solutions for the remediation of hazardous waste sites. This alliance provides the client with a first class team that specializes in creative, cost-effective problem solving.

  • Envapower

    Envapower provides electricity cost forecasting services. EnvaPower is based in Cambridge, MA. Our two companies are working to exploit the synergies between performing environmental remediation work for major Fortune 100 clients and also providing them, as major buyers of electricity, a service for locking in power futures.

  • HPC Associates

    PNL has an alliance partnership with Texas based HPC Video Services. Via this partnership, we offer complete movie making and videography services, ranging from planning to shooting to post production services. HPC Video's personnel work seamlessly with Project Navigator's graphics team, project management and environmental engineering professionals. HPC Associates is based in Lufkin, Texas.

  • Longbore

    A horizontal directional drilling concern, with offices in the United States and United Kingdom. Longbore is based in Livingston, Scotland, UK.

    Longbore and Project Navigator combine their remediation and horizontal well installation talents on appropriate projects.

  • Optimum E & P

    A joint venture with three major partners, to provide project management services for the oil businesses in West Africa.

    Optimum focuses on practical, cost effective, environmental and project solutions, in the demanding West African operating environment.

  • Remedios (UK)

    Provides site assessment information utilizing a biotox screening tool. Remedios is based in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.

    The blend of Remedios assessment capabilities and Project Navigator's environmental problem solving skills is being applied in the UK marketplace.

  • Ritchie & Partners

    Ritchie & Partners' primary services include Project Management, Risk Management, Health & Safety, Mechanical Integrity and Meeting Facilitation. Projects are carried out using a combination of partner companies and individual consultants specially selected for the skills and experience they bring to bear on an assignment. Ritchie & Partners can build an expert team to meet most Technical / Engineering needs. Ritchie & Partners is based in Houston, Texas.

  • Settlement Counsel

    An international practice of lawyers specializing in the resolution and settlement of insurance claims, in particular environmental liability claims. Settlement Counsel is based in London, UK.

    This alliance combines Settlement Counsel's London market knowledge with Project Navigator's environmental and cost forecasting skills, to provide clients with maximal insurance recovery potential.

  • SunPods

    SunPod's Solar Smart Technologies™ provide contractors, owners, solar developers, solar integrators and solar financers with efficient solar power performance and power on demand solutions, eliminating the cost, scheduling and performance uncertainties found in many current solar installation systems.

  • Terradex

    Terradex, Inc. is an alliance partner of Project Navigator, Ltd. As strict land use limitations and/or institutional controls are often a required regulatory element, Terradex monitors institutional controls at contaminated properties. Terradex offers a monitoring and alerting solution that continuously checks a broad array of land use activities at and around these sites. If Terradex detects a potentially inappropriate land use, they alert the parties involved, such as developers, owners, occupants and regulators. This early warning allows the parties to step in before anyone encounters buried environmental pollution or violates land use restrictions.

  • Terralog

    Terralog Technologies - an international service company specializing in petroleum geomechanics and Slurry Fracture Injection (SFI). SFI is a cost-effective technology used in the oil business that injects various wastes including oil field production wastes, biosolids and impacted soils. Terralog's services include: slurry fracture injection waste disposal, subsidence and well damage analysis, geomechanical and fluid flow analysis. Terralog is based in Arcadia, California.

    Terralog and Project Navigator have complementary skills in waste disposal and remediation planning, respectively. The two companies are collaborating on devising creative, cost-effective solutions for former waste disposal facilities. Our combined talents produce a team that can formulate an alternate remedial solution for your oil field project.

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